Landing Pages

As a Search Marketing Specialist, I put a significant amount of care into each Pay-Per-Click campaign that I run, and personally build each landing page from the ground up. I assume the role of designer and produce an original, mobile-responsive webpage design that fits with the client's branding. Once the layout and design are established, I switch gears and use my copy-writing skills to draft original content to populate the page, and influence conversions.

Southington Dentistry

The goal of this campaign is to increase new patient appointments for a variety of different services including: General Dentistry & Oral Health, Dental Implants, Veneers and Teeth Whitening.

Foot Care Specialists, PC

Created to improve overall brand reputation for the practice and attract new patients seeking general podiatry services, Toenail Fungus Treatment and Custom Foot Orthotics.

Mark Fisher, MD

These landing pages were developed as informative resources for potential new patients, who may be experiencing rheumatic or joint related discomfort and pain. 

Comprehensive Dental Care

This family & cosmetic dental practice wanted to break away from a cookie-cutter web presence and attract new patients for general care, dental emergencies and implants. 

Narra Dermatology

Without a logo to clearly establish the brand, I created a page design that melds rustic elements, rich colors and modern aesthetics to promote this Seattle area Dermatologist's medical and cosmetic services. 

Eagle Rock Family Dentistry

Working off of the layered box motif that is seen on the stand-alone version of the website, I utilized photos provided by the client to add a personal touch to these text-heavy pages.


Mangrove Bay Dentistry

This landing page incorporates multiple background textures to make a more neutral palate visually interesting, while utilizing a combination of text, a contact form and an office-produced video.

Stephen R. Harris DDS, PC

The PPC campaign for this practice focused on expanding the geographical radius of their patient base, and used the positive reputation of the doctor to their advantage.